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Genesis Energy Management is a leader in delivering proven innovation in all major areas of sustainable energy reduction solutions and energy consumption programs. Genesis delivers the finest (yet cost competitive) LED Lighting Solutions, HVAC energy reduction enhancements, energy reduction automation systems, customized solar solutions AND we effectively reduce the energy waste that exists in every building through our “real-time” proprietary actionable process.

Genesis Energy Management supports these deliverables with a full complement of services for the life of each customer relationship. Our services allow Genesis to increase energy efficiency and saving energy for our customers. Our service actions lead to a sustainable use of resources.

Our Goals

Energy Analysis and Consultation

Genesis works directly with your design team to maximize energy savings through strategic planning.

Cost-Effective Energy Improvments

Genesis can provide a complete turn-key package of design and construction services.

Coaching your Maintenance Team

Genesis provides analytic services and step-by-step instructions for businesses that staff their own maintenance team.

Why Choose Us?

  • We chose to work closely with only the best providers in facility automation, HVAC technology, and LED lighting solutions.

    • Brightvision LED
    • Vitabeam
    • alltemp Solutions
    • Real Energy
    • Transformative Wave
    • Fusion Automation
    • AccuEnergy Metering
    • Tiga Energy Services
    • Grow Natural MMJ
  • Our team of application design and integration specialists provide a comprehensive assessment as to the best overall approach to each facility that provides the shortest R.O.I.

      A detailed assessment of each facility's historical energy consumption, data collection surveys on both lighting and HVAC infrastructure are completed through on-site inspection. This information is used to develop a best case scenario for a comprehensive solution proposal. Each proposal includes a cost-benefit analysis and a R.O.I projection.

  • All metering and automation systems include initial programming and setup. Automation programming is based on detailed input from facility managers, owners, or tenents.

    Automantion boards and meters are inclusive of realtime internal clocks, automation can be programmed for Holiday hours and daylight savings time . If a change in the facility schedule demands modifications to the automation sequence, dual communication ports allow for on-site access and program modifications. Our dedicated customer support line is readily available to assist with changes required.

About contacting us

Customer Services 24/7

Our customer support and technical services department is available 24/7 via an online support ticketing system. Upon submission of a support ticket customers are notified within 24 hour of receipt and each support ticket is forwarded to the appropriate department.

Phone support is availabel Monday through Friday between the hours of 8AM and 4PM PST (California time).

Technical Questions

Questions regarding technical issues are best submitted by email request from either our contact page or emailing to "info@genesisenergymgt.com""

Sales Support

Sales support is available Monday through Friday 8AM to 4PM PST (California time). Please call (760) 771-8002

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