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Creating sustainable and renewable energy solutions for a greener tomorrow.

What is alltemp™

alltemp™ is a green universal replacement for environmentally detrimental refrigerants that are being phased out by governments worldwide. alltemp produces significant energy savings over existing refrigerants through lower amp consumption. Our proprietary technology and Patents Pending asure alltemp™ has broad application: Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, foam insulation and industrial solvents.

Designed to work in almost any cooling system as a refrigerant replacement. alltemp™ is the affordable alternative for ozone depleting HCFC's, including the highly regulated R-22 (Freon), R-134a, and even high pressure refrigerants like R410-A. alltemp™ is unique because it is derived from already approved refrigerants, but the proprietary lubricating polar exchange fluids provide immediate savings on energy draw, without any required equipment modifications or compressor oil change outs. alltemp™ is an affordable solution developed to address refrigeration's role in the growing global warming crisis. The products have a lower global warming potential,(GWP), as well as reducing the carbon footprint for a lower Total Equivalent Warming Impact (TEWI). alltemp™ refrigerant replacement products have the added advantage of providing significant energy savings, while improving equipment performance for years to come.

Solutions for a healthier, sustainable future

alltemp™ has developed a truly environmentally friendly, universal refrigerant replacement that can be installed in just 6 easy steps. alltemp™ was designed to be compatible with almost every HVAC, Refrigeration, Heat-pump, Manufacturing, Data Center, etc., applications, without needed equipment modification, or compressor oil change-outs.

Actual Case Studies have shown that installing alltemp™ has resulted in a significant reduction in AMP draw that has measured anywhere from 10% to more than 40%, depending on the age and model of equipment. This energy savings is enough to qualify some users for Energy Tax Credits, and has helped consumers reduce their electric bill, even during high-peak summer months.

Overall Total Environmental Impact due to significant reduction in energy requirements may have an impact on the global warming crisis.

All of these have Ozone Depletion Issues and/or High Global Warming Potential

alltemp™ replaces almost any existing refrigerant, saving energy and the environment

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The Science

The beauty of the allTemp™ refrigerant is its ability to reduce friction and compressor strain, unlike refrigerants in the market place today. This is achieved by our ability to molecularly bind organic oils, proprietary to allTemp™, to the refrigerant, creating a halo-alkene. Another groundbreaking result from our process is the hydrophobic qualities of allTemp™ and in testing, AllTemp™ would not mix with any amount of water. It appears the hydrophobic characteristics of allTemp™ is conducted through the copper metal of the evaporator coils, significantly reducing the amount of condensation of evaporate coolers.

Research and Development

allTemp™ has spent years and countless hours developing and perfecting allTemp™ refrigerant. Never satisfied with the status quo, SGE continues to refine AllTemp™, resulting in increased efficiencies of all three allTemp™ products (Low, Medium and High Pressure). The development of proprietary chemical structure has allowed us to generate greater cooling efficacy with decreased environmental impact.

Average Savings on Amperage Consumption

alltemp vs R-134a %
alltemp vs R-22 %
alltemp vs R-410a %


alltemp™ is designed to be installed by a licensed professional. Extensive testing validates the safety of our products, however, no refrigerant should ever be inhaled directly, and like all compressed products, should be handled with care.

alltemp™is founded on the principles of environmental stewardship that will continue to protect our world through research and applications of that research for the betterment of all people.

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