Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked quesstion regarding the Genesis family of products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every question deserves an answer, below are some of the questions most frequently asked, along with answers. If you don't see the answer you seek, please contact us and someone will respond as soon as possible.
Metering: Why is it necessary to install a second meter if I already have the utility meter?
The utility meter provides information on overall electrical consumption. Genesis metering solutions provide a "window" into the electrical infrastructure, by providing information on not only consumption but also important information regarding Power Factors, Neutral to Ground (wasted electricity), Power Spikes (often caused by ineffeciently operating equipment)and dozens of other informative readings.

Our cutting-edge power quality analyisis capabilities provide a rewarding solution enabling a company to take timely corrective action and permitting energy consumers to prevent equipment failures.
  • Revenue-grade digital meters engineered for multi-tenant metering and billing
  • Establishing baselines to validate savings on energy retrofits
  • Provide alerts to management on possible equipment failures such as HVAC systems. (allows for premptive maintenance)
  • Genesis meters qualify for applications regarding state mandated energy monitoring programs
  • Fully compatible with cloud-based high security dashboards or available with internal dashboards
Metering: What kind of costs are involved both initially and monthly if available?
Initial installation costs will vary based 0n the size and type of operation being monitored. Most companies are suprised by how reasonable the installation costs can be.

We provide several options for dashboard configurations, internal and cloud-based. Internal costs run under $200 per year and are only accessible through the internal VPN network. Cloud-based are charged on a per circuit basis and will vary of course depending on the total amount of circuits being monitored. The cloud-based access is 24/7 and is a highly secured encrypted access. Large companies with multiple locations will most likely chose the cloud-based dashboard for multiple point of use access.
Metering: Is the installation prcess lengthy and disruptive?
No, the installation process is non disruptive and generally takes from 1 - 2 days. Multiple locations and large operations will of course take more time but as a rule there is no power shutdown during the process.

In most cases the installation can be done by your own electrical contractor or we can provide a qualified local contractor to handle the installation.
Metering: We are interested to see what could be done, how do we move forward and is there any costs involved on getting a proposal?
There is no cost involved in a proposal, simply contact us and we will have a representative setup an appointment to discuss your needs and requirements.

If you decide to move forward we will arrange to conduct a detaailed survey of your electrical infrastructure at no charge. After we have a greater understanding of what we are working with and the requirements we will prepare a proposal, ther are no costs to you or your company to this point.
LED: Why should we consider LED replacement for our existing lighting?
Much lower energy consumption, often as much as 50% or more depending on the existing lighting. LED products last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours,creating very low maintenance costs.

The quality of light is condisered to be much better than conventional lighting creating more pleasant work environments. Led lighting produces less heat thus reducing the work load of HVAC systems, lowering costs.
LED: We looked into LED replacment several years ago, the cost was prohibitive, has anything changed?
The initial costs of LED retrofits has droped dramatically and in many cases is half of what it was 2 to 3 years ago.

As little as 3 years ago the ROI for LED retrofits was as high as 48 to 60 months, now the ROI has been reduced to 28 to 24 months depending on your existing lighting, which makes the investment much more affordable.
LED: How can we get a quote or proposal to consider the option of moving forward?
Just contact us and we will have a qualified representative visit your facility and survey your existing lighting system at no cost to you.

Once we have all of the informatin we will prepare a CBA (cost benefit analysis) for your consideration. You may slso consider options to replace existing lighting by phases as budgets allow based on high electrical consumption areas such as warehouse, parking, of common areas.
HVAC: What is HVAC Technology and how can we benefit?
There have been so many advances in not only equipment but also some of the more costs effective repacement stratagies. Refergerant replacement for example can reduce operational costs from 10 to as much as 40 percent.

Several other options available are advanced management systems incorporating varible speed drives. More specific equipment replacement for components, such as coil technology for walk in freezers and coolers and reduce costs by as much a 25 to 40 percent.
HVAC: Can you explain refrigerant replacment?
alltemp™ is a green universal replacement for environmentally detrimental refrigerants that are being phased out by governments worldwide. alltemp produces significant energy savings over existing refrigerants through lower amp consumption. Our proprietary technology and Patents Pending asure alltemp™ has broad application: Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, foam insulation and industrial solvents

Designed to work in almost any cooling system as a refrigerant replacement. alltemp™ is the affordable alternative for ozone depleting HCFC's, including the highly regulated R-22 (Freon), R-134a, and even high pressure refrigerants like R410-A. alltemp™ is unique because it is derived from already approved refrigerants, but the proprietary lubricating polar exchange fluids provide immediate savings on energy draw, without any required equipment modifications or compressor oil change outs. alltemp™ is an affordable solution developed to address refrigeration's role in the growing global warming crisis. The products have a lower global warming potential,(GWP), as well as reducing the carbon footprint for a lower Total Equivalent Warming Impact (TEWI). alltemp™ refrigerant replacement products have the added advantage of providing significant energy savings, while improving equipment performance for years to come.
HVAC: How expensive is it to replace the existing refrigerant?
This of course depends on how many individual HVAC systems you dealing with. For example a 10 ton RTU (roof top unit) would cost appx. $400 to $500 dollers but the ROI is generally calculated in months and not years, sometimes as low as 4 to 6 months.

The refrigerant replacement can be performed by your own HVAC contractor or we can arrange for a qualified contractor to complete the process.
Fusion Automation: What is Fusion Automation?
Fusion automation is simply a PCB (printed circuit board) that is installed at the electrical panel level. The Fusion systems provides full facility automation specifically focused around lighting, or any problematical areas where human behavioral characteristics often involve not shutting off lights or equipment.

Fusion can also provide alerts via SMS ot email regarding information accuired via digital sensors such as motion sensors or digital thermostats. For example, a freezer stops working for whatever reason, when the temperature reaches a progrmmable temperature level a manager can be notified so as to effect repair and prevent costly losses of product.
Fusion Automation: How is the Fusion system programmed and is it something we can do internally?
Genesis provides the initial programming with your input, the circuits can be programmed for up to 999 operations per circuit. Automation programming can also incorporate holiday schedules, multiple on / off sequences for different days of operation and many other functions.

Dashboard software can be installed on you computer. tablet or smartphone and multiple communication methods are available from cloud based access to bluetooth. VPN accessible gateways can be installed to access multiple control boards.

Our support team is available to assist with any programming assistance Monday through Friday PST 9AM to 4PM,
  • 24/7 Internet or internal VPN access
  • Fully Programmable
  • Duel Communications
  • Integrated Reactor Notifications
  • Expandable Modular System
Vitabeam: What is Vitabeam?
Vitabeam Ltd. is a global science and technology company and the creator of unique Healthy Radiant Energy solutions. The core science is known as VQe™ and is currently delivered through a specific LED lighting technology.

Vitabeam provides products specifically designed for:
  • Food Safety, grocery, restaurant, and food service industries
  • Healthcare, hospitals, medical offices, and clinics
  • Workplace environments
  • Horticulture applications, growers, retailers, flower shops
  • Publict sector, gyms, recreational facilities, locker rooms, and restrooms
  • Hospitality, hotels, spas, and service areas
Vitabeam: Are the Vitabeam products safe?
Vitabeam products are thouroghly tested and proven to be safe around humans and pets.

Not only are Vitabeam products safe but independent testing has proven the ability to effectively eliminate Ecoli, Lysteria, and MRSA in applicable environments.
Vitabeam: How do the Vitabeam products benefit the food safety industry?
Vitabeam VQe™ technology is clinically proven to increase the “post-harvest” shelf life of perishables such as fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, meats, poultry, fresh fish and other limited shelf life fresh categories. Healthy Radiant Energy or VQe™ makes our food safer and last longer.

Vitabeam products are especially effective when installed in seafood and meat displays and have proven to eliminate that "unplesant seafood smell"
Vitabeam: How do I know which Vitabeam products will provide the most benefit for my facility?
Contact us and we will arrange to have a qualified specialist visit your facility and assess the best applications for the product line.

Vitabeam products are specifically designed to provide the safest retail and work environment for your customers, patients, or staff by eliminating iron based bacteria.
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